October 27, 2020

Vimeo Launches Free Video Messaging Tool to Empower Remote Teams


Vimeo Record boosts workplace collaboration, productivity and knowledge sharing

 Vimeo, the world’s leading professional video platform and community, today launched Vimeo Record, a free video messaging tool that allows users to instantly record their screen from their browser, share video messages, and exchange comments and feedback— improving workplace collaboration and communication for distributed teams. Following the launch of Vimeo Enterprise last year, Vimeo Record further entrenches Vimeo as the preferred end-to-end video solution for teams and organizations, including the 60% of Fortune 500 companies who already have a Vimeo account.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way teams work, and today Zoom fatigue and overflowing inboxes are impacting our ability to share ideas, knowledge and feedback. Video messaging gives teams a smarter, faster way to share information and collaborate— from training and onboarding, to reviewing product design, to resolving support tickets, and more. Video is also proven to boost team productivity and engagement: Recent research from Vimeo and GlobalWebIndex shows that employees are 70% more engaged at work when their company uses video to communicate. Vimeo Record is part of a broader suite of tools designed to help businesses communicate better with employees, customers and partners, including a team library to organize and showcase videos, review tools to collaborate on assets, and live streaming for company-wide events.

"My team is using Vimeo Record to share product demos internally and to give our customers a preview of what's launching soon. We love it! It adds a personal touch that you just can't replicate with email or a chatroom message. I can definitely see video messaging becoming part of our everyday workflow at Mailchimp," said Trevor Wolfe, Director of Product Marketing at Mailchimp, a Vimeo Record beta user.

“Nobody wants to write a long email or jump on another Zoom call to describe something you could show your colleague in 10 seconds. Sending a video message can provide the context and value of that interaction in a fraction of the time,” said Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo. “As businesses adapt to distributed teams and different time zones, we see a unique opportunity to leverage our years of video expertise and unmatched scale to get a free video messaging tool in the hands of over 1 billion knowledge workers globally. This is an exciting step in our strategy to bring the power of video to every workplace.”

Thousands of users across over 400 companies have been using the beta version of Vimeo Record. Key benefits include:

  • Instant knowledge transfer: Get complex ideas across quickly, and connect on a personal level by expressing yourself as you would in-person. Simply record your screen, talk through your message, and share with anyone.
  • Unlimited recordings: Create and share unlimited recordings for free to more effectively share information and collaborate— as frequently as needed.
  • Simplified feedback: Add in-video comments and resolve feedback directly in your video recordings. Project owners can see who has viewed a recording and when, and will receive instant notifications when someone watches or comments.
  • Secure access for teams: Organize recordings in folders and set permissions to grant teammates, clients and customers access to specific folders. Those with access to a folder will be automatically notified when new content is added.
  • One-stop shop for video at work: Host and organize all of your videos on one platform, while unlocking a full suite of tools to create and distribute videos, review team projects, and live stream virtual events.

Vimeo has seen a significant increase in demand for its video tools this year: Since the pandemic, the company has scaled to over 200 million members around the world, revenue has grown 40-50% each month, and Vimeo Enterprise accounts have grown over 500% with customers including Deloitte, CNBC, Lincoln Center, NYSE and Zendesk.

Vimeo Record is available to install as a free Chrome extension here. For more information, please visit vimeo.com/record.

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