October's Slate of Staff Pick Premieres

October 4, 2017

October marks the very first anniversary of Vimeo’s Staff Pick Premieres program! The slate this month includes “Isle of Dogs” Animator “Pombo Loves You” and 2017 Sundance Special Jury Prize winning “Laps.”

Vimeo announces October’s slate of Staff Pick Premieres, with a different one making its global online premiere on Vimeo each Wednesday. Vimeo’s popular Staff Picks channel is curated by a five-person team that highlights the best short-form content on the platform. To check out the Staff Pick Premieres channel, visit https://vimeo.com/channels/premieres.

This month’s slate includes “Isle of Dogs” animator Steve Polme’s short “Pombo Loves You,” a story of a father facing his past life as a 1980s TV star, Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize winning “Laps” about a sexual assault in NYC subway’s system from director Charlotte Wells, Andrew Fitzgerald’s dark comedy about public internet shaming in “I Know You From Somewhere” that premiered at Sundance 2017 and Tucker Bliss’ documentary “Monster Factory” which offers the unique look at the training regiment of pro-wrestling hopefuls.

October 4th: “I Know You From Somewhere” – Comedy (Dir. Andrew Fitzgerald)
Synopsis: A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after inadvertently becoming a viral sensation.

About the Filmmaker: Andrew Fitzgerald is an American filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

October 11th: “Laps” – Drama (Dir. Charlotte Wells)
Synopsis: On a routine morning, a woman on a crowded New York City subway is sexually assaulted in plain sight.

About the Filmmakers: Charlotte “Charlie” Wells is a Scottish director living in New York. Her first film, Tuesday, premiered at Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, was nominated for two BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards – Best Writer and Best Design (winner), and won Special Mention at Glasgow Short Film Festival. Her second film, Laps, won a Short Film Special Jury Prize for Editing at Sundance Film Festival and Special Jury Recognition for Narrative Shorts at SXSW Film Festival. Charlie’s most recent short, Blue Christmas, premieres at TIFF in September 2017.

October 18th: “Pombo Loves You” – Animation (Dir. Steve Warne)
Synopsis: A distant father is forced to confront a heroic yet troubled past life as 1980s TV character Pombo.  

About the Filmmakers: Steve Warne is a filmmaker and animator who works mostly in Stop-motion but dabbles in other things. Previous credits include Tim Burton's “Frankeenweenie” and Laika's “Kubo” and the “Two Strings”, as well as Wes Anderson’s upcoming “Isle of Dogs.”

October 25th: “Monster Factory” – Documentary (Dir. Tucker Bliss)
Synopsis: In the small town of Paulsboro, New Jersey the religion is pro-wrestling and it's temple is The Monster Factory. Over the past 30 years, pilgrims of all creeds, colors, shapes and sizes have made their way to this modest, repurposed high school gym, eager to escape the realities of their normal lives to pursue a place within a world of entertainment largely dismissed as fake. Despite what you may believe, one thing is certain - when it comes to the no bullshit, get-it-done training style of owner / head coach Danny 'Cage', you can't fake the blood, sweat, tears, and focus it takes to make dreams come true.

About the Filmmaker: Tucker Bliss is a New York based director fascinated with a healthy combination of communication and beauty in film. Tucker began his career as a commercial DP and Editor, but at a certain point he had to choose a path. So he chose both. Enter commercial directing. He's often sought after for his effortless ability to tell brand stories and engage audiences in a human way, celebrating the emotion and humor in everyday life. Be it doc, commercial or otherwise, at every turn he aims to create honestly-playful worlds inspired by real experiences, dancing around the earnestness of adolescence with a little bit of innocence, exploration, and charming awkwardness.

Advance links to all of the films are available; please reach out to JordanS@vimeo.com to request.

Filmmakers interested in having their work considered for a Staff Pick Premiere can email premieres@vimeo.com for more information.



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